List of Works


“Revival” 2019 for symphonic Orchestra

Premiered February 20th, 2019
USC Thornton Symphony
Dr. Donald Crockett, conductor

Revival is a maximalist experiment inspired by my experiences with several distinctly different denominations of the Christian church – particularly, the contrast between the “passion” for Christianity and its original call for serious personal reflection (you know, the call to be better human beings). The piece is initiated with the chaos found in many Pentecostal services – a cheap imitation Hammond B3 jams, the drummer drives with a constant beat, and a preacher howls within the cacophony (the preacher is represented by a repeated trumpet line that uses a plunger mute for a talking effect.) Every time this event dips in energy, one can hear the preacher ranting and raving. Initially, the effect of the trumpet’s “preaching” is intriguing, but like listening to someone talk about the same thing hours on end, it soon becomes exhausting. When the energy recedes, a harmony emerges, coated with dissonance – a chance for serious reflection that is dripping with unease. When the preacher begins preaching again, mania soon follows. Although this piece is based on Pentecostal sounds, it does not necessarily have to be about Christianity; it can be about blindly subscribing to passions that feel good while avoiding the underlying causes that were originally created to help make the world a better place (and to help make us better people.)

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“Bonehead Fizzix” 2017 for Wind Ensemble

Premiered February 9th, 2018
Thornton Wind Ensemble
H. Robert Reynolds, conductor

Level 6+, Level 4 version also available

Bonehead Fizzix is a piece inspired by my dad, a real life mad scientist who obsesses over his inventions, mumbles late into the night while grading his students’ homework and makes strange noises on his trombone for fun. The title is a term he used once when describing the maddening situation of teaching the most unexciting, simplest physics to college students trying to pass their General Education requirements. (The misspelling is intentional.) My father is also a jazz trombonist who is obsessed with concepts like super Locrian mode and thirds relations (which he wouldn’t stop talking about when I was applying to grad schools.) Consequently, this piece is riddled with super Locrian scales, chromatic mediant relationships and tritones, which mostly came from a piece my father used to play in the car as we went to school. (The appropriately named “Sound of the Wasp”- an annoying, buzzy tune for trombone and tuba.)

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“TRAIN TO UNION STATION” (2018) for Baritone Saxophone and fixed media

Performed and workshopped in collaboration with the USC Saxophone Studio

Train to Union Station is a piece I wrote in 2018 for baritone saxophone (originally) and LA metro noises. I was inspired to write this piece out of my fascination with LA’s public transit system - in my hometown we had nothing close to what LA has. I found the rhythm of the metro, with its starts and stops and singsong announcer voice, to be quite musical. Using the metro is a harried experience with jolts, bumps and weird smells - but to me that’s just part of its charm, which I hoped to translate into a piece of music (minus the smells, of course.)

MORE WORKS (Click to Watch)

“Bellman Strut” for the Black House Collective - 2019

“Bellman Strut” for the Black House Collective - 2019

“Dance, Monkey, Dance!” for Double Bass and Piano - 2017

“Dance, Monkey, Dance!” for Double Bass and Piano - 2017

“what is music” for viola, electric guitar and drumset - 2018

“what is music” for viola, electric guitar and drumset - 2018

Complete List of Works


Bellman Strut (2019)
Written for the 2019 BlackHouse SoCal Intermedia Workshop
Mixed Ensemble – 11 Musicians
7 min

Revival (2019)
New Music for Orchestra – Thornton Symphony Performance
Full Symphonic Orchestra
9 min

The Girlfriend (2019)
Written for New Opera West’s inaugural performance
Mezzo Soprano, 2 Sopranos, Baritone, String Quartet and Piano
9 min

Toccata (on Lenny-like Licks) (2018)
Commissioned by David Ball and the Westwood United Methodist Church Summer Organ Series
5 min

Gersh(win or Lose) (2018)
Written for the 2018 Oregon Bach Festival Composers’ Symposium
Post-haste Reed Duo – Alto Saxophone and Bassoon
4 min

what is music (2018)
Viola, Electric Guitar, Drumset and Mixed Media
5 min

Derivations (2017 - 2018)
String Quartet (4 Movements)
18 min

licks, pulses, sparks & simmers (2018)
Written for the NOW Ensemble
Bass, Clarinet, Flute, Electric Guitar, and Piano
3 min

Ratchet Up!(2018)
Commissioned by Malibu High School
Wind Ensemble, Grade 3
5 min

Train to Union Station (2017)
Commissioned by Robert Alexander
Baritone Saxophone and Tape
6 min, 45 sec

Dance, Monkey, Dance! (2017)
Commissioned by John Mietus
Voice, Bass and Piano
5 min

Shawn the Seahorse - Film Score (2017)
Viola and Electronics
5 min

Timescale (2017)
Cello and Piano
6 min, 30 sec

­Bonehead Fizzix (2017)
2017 New Music for Wind Ensemble Award
Wind Ensemble
8 min

Rule of Five (2016)
Commissioned by the Oklahoma Haydn Festival
Classical Symphonic Orchestra
5 min

Birdcage (2015)
Solo Piano
6 min

“I Woke Up Early the Day I Died” Intro - Movie Clip Cue (2014)
Piano, drumset, electric bass, jazz guitar, horn, bass clarinet, tenor/baritone saxophone, flute and string quartet
5 min

“A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III” Cemetary Dance Scene Movie Clip Cue (2015)
Flute, Alto/Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Horn, Drum Set, Miscellaneous Percussion, Harp, Piano, Organ, Accordion, and String Orchestra
4 min

Estampie Neuve (2014)
Two pianos, string trio,flute, piccolo and percussion battery
5 min

Loon (2012)
Harp, Viola and Flute
6 min